New Invention Everpurse Lets You Charge Your Phone On The Go

I don’t know about y’all, but ever since I upgraded my iPhone 4S to the new iOS 6 update, the battery has been hastily dying with every iHoroscope and Instagram fix. Feeling mine and millions of other women’s wireless woes, Chicagoan Liz Ormesher Salcedo created the Everpurse, a small clutch that actually charges your phone when placed into a side pocket.

Salcedo, a social worker and now entrepreneur, created the invention after constantly finding her phone’s battery life blinking red before she finished her work day, traveling around unknown locations and finding herself stranded with no way to get in touch with others. Her husband built the first version of the Everpurse after buying off-the-shelf parts from an electronics store and experimenting on one of Salcedo’s bags. The charger is meant to look like a clutch, which can be carried around by itself, or in a handbag. At the end of the day, the Everpurse owner places the clutch on a pad that lights up to indicate charging.

“All of sudden I had full battery all day long,” Salcedo said. “Friends stared asking to borrow my bag when we were out to dinner.” After friends asked her to make bags for their own phones, Salcedo began the Kickstarter campaign to fund the Everpurse. Salcedo and her crew gave the campaign 33 days to raise $100,000, but were able to reach and exceed their goal just after six days!

Although the phone-charging purse has not been officially released yet, many people are investing in and buying the clutches on Kickstarter. One charging mat and leather clutch costs $119, with the deal ending on October 13. Although the idea is great, the starting price isn’t. On CNET,  writer Christopher MacManus pointed out, “anyone can purchase a portable smartphone charger with a built-in battery for less and just stick it inside a purse.” Although he concedes, “Everpurse does provide a seamless all-in-one option without much fuss.”

Do you think a phone-charging purse could be worth the money? Let us know in the comments below!

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