Conviction Overturned For Man Who Raped Mentally Disabled Woman (Or: Today, I’m Ashamed To Be From Connecticut)

  • Connecticut’s state Supreme Court has thrown out the conviction of a man who was found guilty of sexually assaulting a mentally disabled woman because there was no evidence that she did not refuse to have sex with him. Richard Fourtin, Jr. raped a woman with severe cerebral palsy who has the mental functioning of a three-year-old child and cannot verbally communicate. But the conviction has been overturned on the grounds that the was no evidence the victim bit, kicked or screamed to signify her refusal of consent. This, assholes who try to put the words “forcible rape” into our laws, is an example of why you’re wrong.  [NBC Connecticut]
  • An Ohio appeals court has upheld a 2004 law that bans the use of the abortion pill (RU-486) after the seventh week of pregnancy. []
  • Blogger Amanda Marcotte at XX Factor attempts to explain why Rep. Todd Akin believes that women who aren’t pregnant can get abortions. [Slate]
  • The U.S. birth rate has dropped for the fourth year in a row. It must be because no one wants to bring children into the world anymore now that Obama is president. (Or something.) [Think Progress]
  • Regular screenings could eliminate the gap in breast cancer deaths among black and white women, according to a study. [Clutch Magazine]
  • Christina Aguilera’s (fake) fat quotes and celebrity progressivism. [Think Progress]
  • An Asian woman takes xoJane to task for its “I’m an Asian woman” essays. [Disgrasian]
  • Famous women replaced by IKEA products. (cough Saudi Arabia cough) [BuzzFeed]
  • I’m loving this hilarious send-up by The Stranger of “Men Who Rock!” [The Stranger]
  • Jessica Grose, who formerly blogged at Jezebel and has just published a novel called Sad Desk Salad, talks about being a female blogger. [The Atlantic Wire]
  • India’s Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal has been accused of defamation after he said that wives lose their appeal with age. [BBC]
  • On how Black Fashion Week is shaking up the Paris fashion industry. [France 24]
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