Things That Confuse Me About Love Joule, Tokyo’s Female Masturbation Bar

The reasons to visit Tokyo just keep getting more and more bountiful. I can go to the naked robot burlesque restaurant or to Love Joule, a “love and sex bar dedicated to women.” It’s described as a place women “can openly discuss masturbation.” Behind the bar, instead of liquor bottles, are rows of vibrators, lube and other female friendly toys. The bar is part of a trend going on in Japan to do away with the taboo surrounding female masturbation, sex toys and female sexuality in general. To ensure that it’s a safe space for women, mann aren’t permitted in the bar unless accompanied by a female partner.

This sounds like a great idea in theory, but I have have a number of logistical questions that need to be addressed:

1. Are you actually allowed to masturbate there? Or are you just there to chat about your orgasms with other women. Because for the most part, women aren’t that into discussing them ad nauseum. I mean, we certainly don’t need to go to a special bar to discuss sex. That can be done in a regular bar. Or anywhere, really. I presume you’ve seen “Sex and the City.”

2. If masturbation is allowed, do you do it in front of other people? I’m just wondering because that sounds uncomfortable. Maybe they have a private masturbation room or something. Still, not an idea I’d be crazy about.

3. Are the vibrators and other stuff on display for use? And if so, are they new? Can you buy them?  I’m imagining it’s like ordering a drink. “I’ll have a purple We Vibe please, and the water-based lubricant.” I assume it would be out of the question to do a wash-and-share situation. But the germ-o-phobe in me is imagining the worst.

4. Do they serve cocktails there? I think I see a bottle of Tequila in the photo, so I would venture to say, yes. God, I hope so, especially if you have to masturbate in front of strangers.

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