“Same Love” By Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: A Rap/Short Film Supporting Marriage Equality

I can’t change / even if I wanted to

Such is the chorus for “Same Love,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert, a new song released this summer which was released in a short film today. I want to say the rap is pro-gay marriage or even pro-gay rights, but really both the song and the incredibly touching video are really just pro-human decency.

It’s all to easy to forget that behind all the politicians’ and religious conservatives’ talk against gay rights that there are real people who are affected. Real people aren’t allowed to marry the love of their live. Real people aren’t allowed to adopt a child.  Real people aren’t allowed to be at their partner’s death bed. “Same Love” is so moving that I’m tearing up at my desk and thinking of the day when my beloved best friend, who is gay, won’t be treated like a second class citizen compared to me. Because she can’t change, even if she wanted to.

(Thanks to commenter lr52185 for the link!)


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