The 5 Most Explosive Moments (So Far!) From “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey” Reunion

The fourth season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” seemed to go on forever — and it was filmed forever ago too. The cast was actually filming this season of the show when they appeared together to film last season’s reunion show; in fact, the reason why Jacqueline Laurita skipped last season’s reunion show was because the final episode of this season had just happened. The night before the third season reunion, the whole cast had all just attended the Posche Fashion Show, during which the bomb was dropped that Melissa Gorga had allegedly been a stripper — just about everyone blamed Teresa Giudice for being behind this sordid reveal about her hated sister-in-law, while Teresa, somehow, had concluded that one-time BFF Jacqueline had actually set her up. Jacqueline had a total breakdown which is why she didn’t attend the reunion show the next day. A year later, having not seen each other since, the whole cast sat down for another reunion (got that straight?) and DUDE. Even Danielle Staub is sitting at home watching this shit, eating popcorn and being like, These bitches be crazy. The five most explosive moments — so far, as it’s a three-parter! — after the jump!

1. Jacqueline vs. Teresa. In the clip above, we get more background on what exactly went down at the Posche Fashion Show and why Jacqueline is so sure that Teresa is to blame for Melissa’s former strip club boss showing up and dropping the bomb that she used to dance. Teresa, meanwhile, is convinced (or at least wants us to think she’s convinced) that Jacqueline set her up all season.

5. Rosie loses her shit backstage. Teresa, in retaliation for Kathy’s comment about her mom, says something about her father taking better care of Kathy than her own father. Kathy flips the fuck out, because Kathy’s dad has been dead for awhile, but Kathy’s rage is nothing compared to the reaction her sister Rosie has backstage. Rosie shared her coming out story this season and spoke of how accepting her father was of her being gay. So when Teresa made it seem like he had been lacking as a parent, well, verbal napalm erupted from Rosie’s mouth.