Marry, F**k Or Kill: “Dexter,” “Homeland” & “Revenge” Return!

Dexter's Going There
The show is totally going to pursue Deb and Dex's incesty love. Read More »

Listen up friends and family members: if you’re interested in seeing me for the next few months, you’ll have to pick any other day but Sunday. See, every Sunday I have a standing date with my television to watch a trifecta of my favorite shows: the new seasons of “Dexter,” “Homeland,” and “Revenge” all premiered last night and it was basically the hottest and most exciting date night my TV and I have had in months. (No offense to one of my other favorite Sunday night shows, “Breaking Bad,” but even the most exciting episode of BB can’t be expected to trump three shows, you know?) After the jump, a key scene from each premiere episode. Spoilers abound, so proceed with caution!

FUCK: “Dexter.” When last season ended, Debra had just walked in on Dexter stabbing Travis, the serial killer from last season. Debra, of course, had just realized that she was having amorous feelings for the man raised as her brother. Way to kill her girl boner, dude! I was concerned that the show was going to drag out this shocking reveal; that Dexter would manage to convince Deb that this was a one-time kill, a moment of insanity. But thankfully, the creators know their characters well and Deb is just too smart for that. In the scene above, Dexter comes home to find Deb sitting in his ransacked apartment…

MARRY: “Homeland.” It is many months after Carrie’s electroshock treatments have finished and she’s living at home with her dad and sister. Brody, meanwhile, is now a Senator and the possible running mate for the VP in his run for President. But is he still working for the terrorist Abu Nazir? In the scene above, Brody meets with someone who thinks he should be…

KILL: “Revenge.” To be honest, the “Revenge” premiere was a little lacking in comparison to the brilliance found in the preview two episodes, but it also definitely took the edge off the stress they brought on. So many things have changed since last summer in the Hamptons! Daniel is dating Ashley! Amanda is really, really pregnant with Jack’s baby … or we think it’s Jack’s baby anyway. Charlotte is doing well in rehab! Sort of. And Victoria is dead … or is she?

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