Kids’ Parties In Florida Now Include Alligators In The Swimming Pool

Oh, Florida. A new “trend” at kids’ birthday parties in the always-entertaining state is having alligators in the swimming pool.

A company called Alligator Attractions brings juvenile alligators with their mouths taped shut over and lets them swim in the pool with the children. But don’t worry, parents — kids get a lesson on “alligator safety” first. Such as, oh, stay away from alligators? Unfortunately for Alligator Attractions, the party service is now being investigated by the state’s Fish and Wildlife Commission. Aw, rats.

It’s certainly possible that peeps in Florida who grew up with gators think this idea is NBD. But to those of us in less gator-populated states, this idea is about as grand as inviting a skunk to your barbecue. Or polar bear, if you are from Wasilla. [Miami New-Times]

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