Is This A Pic Of Young Brooke Shields Smoking Pot?

  • Whoa, is this Brooke Shields smoking pot? A Twitter user named Dave Hill tweeted the pic yesterday, although the actress’s rep denies this is a pic of her getting stoned. Instead, the rep says it’s just “Brooke Shields lookalike,” Rastafarian singer H.R. from the band Bad Brains back in her teens or early 20s, although sites like Radar say it is definitely of her. This does look a lot like Brooke, you have to admit, but in the age of Photoshop one never knows. [Daily Mail UK, Huffington Post]

  • Oh dear: Amanda Bynes reportedly locked herself in the bathroom of the Little Cupcake Bakeshop in New York City for several hours after buying a cupcake and a cappuccino. Girl needs help. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Ew, this is a nasty dream: this chick is drowning in semen. [Em & Lo]
  • The 20 stupidest things musicians have ever said about politics. These can’t possibly be stupider than things that politicians have said about politics, right? [Popdust]
  • California has enacted a new law to protect child actors by barring sex offenders from working with minors in the biz and requiring criminal background checks on managers, publicists and other people with access to the kids. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Speaking of child actors who need(ed) protection, Lindsay’s mama Dina Lohan says she was “extremely upset” on Dr. Phil’s show and was “absolutely not intoxicated or on any kind of medication.” Uh huh. [Entertainment Tonight]
  • 10 ways that “Project Runway” has changed the fashion industry forever. [Fashionista]
  • One chick explains why you should ditch your nail polish obsession. You hear that, Amelia? [Gurl]
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