How Do We Feel About The “Kid Shaming” Meme?

Nothing on the Internet is better than the dog shaming meme: pet owners post pictures of their pups with signs around their necks reading stuff like “I ate my own barf” and “I like to hump this cat.” I keep trying to get Amelia to submit a photo of Lucca but she insists her dog has never done anything to be ashamed of, ever. Anyway, now the meme has spread to little kids.At least one parent posted a pic of a grinning toddler with a sign around her neck reading: “I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year,” alongside the kid’s scrawled signature.

I don’t see many “kid shaming” pics on Tumblr, but that’s not to say it won’t take off.  Obviously “kid shaming” a joke and I think it’s funny, especially since, like dogs, toddlers tend to do a lot of silly things with their poop. But stuff on the Internet lives forever and I could also see how in another 10 years, a teen would not be happy about this. What do you think of “kid shaming”? Tell us in the comments.

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