Guess Who Was Once Arrested For Blocking An Abortion Clinic Entrance?

  • This guessing game isn’t too hard: GOP pain-in-the-neck Rep. Todd Akin, of course. Akin has admitted he was once arrested for blocking an abortion clinic entrance. Aw, come on, guys! He just wanted to first make sure those women were “legitimately raped”! []
  • Women speak 25 percent less than their male counterparts in meetings when women are in the minority, according to a new study published in the American Political Science Review. [Today]
  • The Discovery Channel website has an interesting “Fact Or Fiction?” quiz about feminism that seems to me both accurate and educational. So perhaps you want to give it a whirl? []
  • Massachusetts senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren is being tarnished as “Princess Little Big Liar” in a racist and sexist ad for Scott Brown, which references her partial Native-American heritage. []
  • Marie Claire peeks into candidates’ purses and finds … a gun. [New York Observer]
  • What Ms. magazine’s 40th anniversary Wonder Woman cover says about the current state of feminism. [Think Progress].
  • A Tunisan woman was allegedly raped by police after cops demanded she and her fiancé hand over a bribe … and then charged with indecency. [France 24]
  • Saudi Arabia has begun expelling Nigerian women on a religious pilgrimage in the country who are there without male guardians. [Fox News]
  • Uruguay has advanced a bill to legalize first trimester abortions. [Reproductive Health Reality Check]
  • Why is SlutWalk London standing up for Wikileaks’ founder and accused rapist Julian Assange? [Guardian UK]
  • Tereksa Torrés, a French writer who wrote America’s first lesbian pulp novel, Women’s Barracks, about sexual relationships that happened during women’s wartime service in World War II, died yesterday at age 92. [New York Times]
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