Danish Mag Publishes Bottomless Kate Middleton Nude Photos

Danish magazine Se Og Hor has published bottomless photos of Kate Middleton, toweling off and wearing a bikini top on a balcony/porch beside Prince William. I’m assuming these pics were taken at the same time as the topless photos, when she and William were vacationing in the South of France — meaning they assumed they had some motherfucking privacy.  

The grainy paparazzi pictures — which we aren’t posting or linking to — are now blasting around the Internet and making me feel icky (especially because you can’t even really see anything other than the fact Kate’s bikini bottom has been removed).

Seriously, this shit needs to stop. Being a famous person in the public eye does not mean it’s acceptable to publish surreptiously-snapped photos of her private parts, especially given how the couple has made efforts to keep aspects of their private life private. The lurid fascination with women’s private parts, from paparazzi pics like these to upskirt pics by creeps with cell phones out in public, has got to stop. It’s not your body to do what you want with. It’s not being put on display for you or anyone else. Allow women to have some personal dignity. </rant over>

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[Image: Getty]