Amy Poehler’s Sage Advice For Dealing With Social Anxiety

Amy Poehler and special guest Aubrey Plaza share their secrets for combating social anxiety on the latest episode of “Ask Amy.” Even if you’re not typically an anxious person, it can be really intimidating to walk into a room full of strangers. Ugh. Birthday parties where you only know, like, one person and networking events are my least favorite. Anyhow, Amy suggests breathing, finding another nervous buddy, shrinking your setting (like finding a sofa in the corner and parking it there), and giving yourself permission to bail whenever you feel like it (also known as the Irish goodbye or the French exit). And Aubrey adds the suggestion to dance if you’re feeling anxious (I co-sign!) and embrace your feeling of weirdness because weirdos rule the world.

Well said, ladies. Damn, Amy Poehler’s so rad. I wonder how I can get her to be my friend. [ONTD]