“Edit-a-thon” On Wikipedia Targets Crappy Entries About Women In Science

  • The Royal Society, a prestigious science group in the UK, will host a Wikipedia “edit-a-thon” on October 19 and encourages smart peeps to contribute to Wiki pages about women in the sciences. A Royal Society Fellow proposed the idea after learning that the average person who edits Wikipedia is a 26-year-old man. [Daily Dot]
  • A foundation has purchased the Wichita, Kansas, building in which Dr. George Tiller — who as murdered by an anti-abortion extremist in May 2009 — provided abortions. The Trust Women Foundation says it plans to re-establish abortion providers within the clinic. The clinic has been closed since June 2009 following the murder. [Kansas.com]
  • Out lesbian Nena Cook is running for the Oregon Supreme Court. (That means you should read this story, Winona and other Portland-ers!) [Just Out]
  • The Central Park Boathouse in New York City is being sued again for sexual harassment, like kissing the boss in order to get her paycheck. [Gothamist]
  • Meet a bunch of feminist educators who rock! [Ms. Magazine]
  • Actress Geena Davis discusses the feminist implications of that old ’60s show, “I Dream Of Jeannie.” [Jezebel]
  • You can now pre-order Sexy Feminism: A Girl’s Guide To Love, Success And Style by our friends who blog at The Sexy Feminist. [Amazon.com]
  • The UK collective that has been defacing Chris Brown CDs at music stores with stickers reading “This man beats women” issued a statement to SPIN magazine explaining their cause: “We live in a society that splits an abusive man’s actions from his public persona. With one in four women experiencing domestic violence and, on average, two women being killed in the UK by abuse each week we want to make these abusers stick out. Society ignores their abuse. We won’t. We are going to sticker every album and film made by abusers that we can.” [Exclaim.ca]
  • Will Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk band jailed for speaking out publicly against President Vladimir Putin, have the last laugh in the free speech wars? [In These Times]
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