Billionaire Dad Offers $65M To Man Who Can “Seduce” His Lesbian Daughter, Gigi Chao

  • A Hong Kong real estate bigwig named Cecil Chao Sze-tsung is offering $65 million to any man who can “seduce” his lesbian daughter, Gigi Chao, and “turn her straight.” I put those words in quotes because they will not actually happen. Because she is a lesbian. Daughter Gigi (right), age 33, recently united in a civl partnership with a woman in France and called her father’s search for a male suitor “very entertaining.” [Instinct Magazine, IB Times]
  • Rihanna got drunk in a Las Vegas nightclub and barfed while dancing. But at least RiRi was not riding next to me on the subway when she lost her cookies![Uptown Magazine]
  • Russell Brand told an Australian news show that he and Katy Perry divorced because of “incompatibility,” which is a less exciting answer than the rumor Brand cheated on her. [Celebrity Cafe]
  • Eight cereals based on video games — yes, there are actually eight cereals based on video games. [Gurl]
  • Find out what happens when one man confronted IRL the troll who was viciously harassing him online with anti-Semitic swill: he was a pathetic 17-year-old kid who started blubbering tears. Hmm, so people who are nasty on the Internet to strangers can dish it out but cannot take it? [Gawker]
  • 25 things we learned from “The Princess Bride,” such as how much fun it is to announce “Inconceivable!” [Modern Man]
  • Research says Ecstacy/MDMA might be helpful in treating depression. [Guardian UK]
  • Imagined texts from the characters in “The Babysitters Club.” [The Hairpin]
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