Ask Me Anything: I’m A Single Dog Owner!

In the comments of “What Are We Wearing?” yesterday, longtime Frisky reader applescruffs said she would be interested in seeing me write something about “dating with a dog,” since I’m single and have a dog, Lucca. Reader camille905 also said she would be interested in the topic and had some additional questions: Does Lucca sleep in my bed? How do sexytime partners handle it? What if someone I was dating didn’t like Lucca? Etcetera. As I originally adopted with someone (my ex) and then got full custody when we split, being a solo pet owner took some getting used to — and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire universe. I am psyched to write about the topic but want to make sure I cover all the bases — are their any questions you’d like me to answer? By all means, ASK ME ANYTHING either in the comments of this post or via email at [email protected] and I promise to touch upon it in my piece, which will be fact-checked by Lucca, of course.