“Gallery Girls” Recap: Art Basel Dreams And Champagne Nightmares

The nightmare calvary rolls on with the latest installment of “Gallery Girls.” This week is part two of the girls’ decimation of Art Basel Miami, an art scene wankfest set amongst the palm trees and poolsides of Florida. Above, Amelia and Greg from Hyper Vocal discuss their reactions to the episode, which I shall recap in full (with clips!) after the jump! So much “Gallery Girls,” no soulless moment left unanalyzed.

It’s a not so charmed life for Amy, who, hot on the heels of her pop up show, is called into a meeting with her father — you know, the one who’s been bankrolling her entire life? He tells her the apartment she’s been living in rent-free has been sold and she’ll need to find somewhere else to live. In two weeks. This seems a little contrived because hello, you’d give your kid more time than that. Nevertheless it sends poor Amy into a tailspin. Incidentally, this is when I realized that Amy and Lena Dunham have the same face, not to mention, as Amelia and Greg point out, this conversation is basically the first episode of “Girls.”

Back in ye olde New York, Claudia receives a service termination notice from Con Ed, that says her service will be shut off if she doesn’t pay the $205 End of Century owes. She does what I have done many times before when I am emotionally and financially ill-equipped to handle the reality of being an adult — she calls her mom. But rather than just fork over the money to her, her mom says she has to work harder. Claudia does the same thing I do when I don’t get the answer I’m hoping for from my parents and totally disassociates and stops listening to the advice her mom is giving her. I get it.

Incidentally, her family is obviously from Minnesota, but a friend of mine says Claudia one time claimed she was from Brazil. Because she’s batcrackers!

Next week: The end is nigh! The season finale of “Horrible Jackals With Art Pretensions.”