Look! A “Full House” Reunion

Everywhere you look, there’s a face of somebody who needs you. Well, they don’t need you, more like we needed them back in the ’80s. Those were the days.Watching “Full House” on TGIF, eating Burger King french fries, thinking there was a future for me on primetime television because D.J. Tanner was also chubby with big bangs.

The Tanners and crew got together with the “Full House” creators for a 25 year reunion of the show. (Holy shit … that means I’m old!) As you can see, the Olsen twins were missing, due to being too famous or something. Not that they were that important on the show anyway. They didn’t speak for like the first three seasons or something.

The rest of the gang reminisced about the good ol’ days before Jodie Sweetin’s meth addiction. Of interest was this video of a drunk Kimmy Gibbler (she confirmed her intoxication on Twitter) and D.J. Tanner singing “Step by Step” by NKOTB into a rose microphone. John Stamos did us the honor of  “Tweeting that shit.” Thank you, Uncle Jesse. This reminds me that I need to start watching this show in syndication again. [People]