Tim Tebow Wants A Wife With “A Servant’s Heart”

  • New York Jets player Tim Tebow dishes about his ideal woman in a profile for Vogue and says he wants a woman who is kind and has “a servant’s heart.” Lest you think that means Tebow wants to be waited on hand and foot, “a servant’s heart” is a term in Christianity meaning someone is faithfully devoted to Jesus. [Faith Goes Pop]
  • Kanye West allegedly told Kim Kardashian to lose some weight by doing that nasty lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup cleanse thing. But considering the source is the not-very-reliable blog MediaTakeOut, this is probably a steaming pile of bullshit. [Gurl]

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  • Jessica Simpson doesn’t have a nanny for her baby daughter Maxwell. Yet, anyway. [Babble]
  • Watch the trailer for the “Amy Winehouse’s At The BBC” boxed set, which looks absolutely heartbreaking. [NME]
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  • I thought “The Master,” that new film not-really-but-seriously-really about Scientology, was mad boring. But it did shatter the taboo of drinking homemade poison booze. [BlackBook Mag]
  • This New Hampshire man fakes brain injuries so he can get caregivers to change his undies for him. Dude? Seriously? Get off Craiglist and get on FetLife. [Gawker]