British Soldier Gives Birth At Afghan Base Had No Idea She Was Pregnant

I’ve had a couple false alarms when my period has been poky and I’ve been freaked for a few days that I might be pregnant. So it boggles my mind that there are women on this Earth that do not know they are pregnant until their baby is basically crowning.

Take, for instance, the British soldier who gave birth at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan after not realizing she was pregnant for seven/eight months. The Fiji-born woman, who is being kept anonymous, was deployed to the Afghan frontlines in March as a gunner in the Royal Artillery and gave birth unexpectedly to a five-weeks premature baby earlier this week. The soldier did not realize she was pregnant until she started having terrible stomach cramps, which turned out to be contraction associated with childbirth.

Now a team of pediatricians are on their way to the Helmand Province to care for mom and baby and talking heads are crowing that female soldiers should take compulsory pregnancy tests before going into battle. The Telegraph UK claims she was impregnated before leaving for Afghanistan; she would have been banned from deployment had her superiors known she was knocked up. Various theories as to why she didn’t know she was pregnant include her excitement over deployment and the bulky, body-covering uniforms that soldiers wear.

While I’m happy to hear that mom and baby are fine, I’m not looking forward to the ding dong chorus of cranks who’re going to start grousing, “This is what happens when you have women in the military!” Only 200 British and America women have been sent home from military service in the past five years upon conceiving — which is especially troubling given their lack of access to abortion. Truly this surprise baby in Afghanistan is what happens when you mistake a burrito baby for an actual semen-and-egg baby.

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