Warby Parker’s Trippy First TV Commercial Comes With Film, Reading List

Every time I see a person wearing a cool pair of frames they seem to be from Warby Parker. Warby Parker prices all if its frames for $95 a pair, including lenses, and for every pair they sell, they donate one to a person in need. They’ve finally debuted their collage-themed first TV commercial and its a little out of this world: Salvador Dali meets mod meets whatever Fiona Apple was thinking after she smoked that hash. Eyeballs riding unicyles, women with giant scissors, a jaguar on the couch … it’s trippy. And their website shows you all the work that went into the commercial, introducing viewers to each of the J.Crew-ish models (and the frames their wearing, natch) and providing a reading list and film list from the artist behind the 30-second spot. Whew. I want to mock the hipster-ness of it all but I’m actually kinda impressed. [Warby Parker]