Florida Woman Did Not Enjoy Her Pubic Hair Tamale

While dining at a local Mexican joint, a Florida woman was not pleased when she accidentally ate a pubic hair. Julie Mraz received a 50th birthday gift she wasn’t expecting when, much to her disgust, she bit into her tamale and swallowed a mouthful of pubic hair.

“I don’t mean to be graphic but it was not a hair that comes from the head … I went and got sick in the bathroom,” said Julie of her pube tamale. The general manager of Luna’s Mexican restaurant denied that what Julie bit into came from a human crotch, he insisted it was a piece of string from the corn used in the dish. Yeah, OK. Because corn string and pubic hair are soooo hard to tell apart.

Julie was so revolted by the incident that she went right to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation to complain. And when inspectors went to check out what was going on at Luna’s, they discovered a sizable roach infestation.

So whether it was a pube or a corn string in Julie’s tamale, I think the takeaway here is: don’t eat at Luna’s. Also, that it might be fun to start referring to pubic hair as corn strings. [UPI]