“Brownout”: Erase Chris Brown From Your Internet Surfing With New Chrome Extension

After you’ve removed all your friends’ babies from Facebook, here’s how to rid the Internet of another thing that is highly annoying: Brownout. It’s a Chrome extension that gets rid of all things Chris Brown: mentions of his name, pictures of him, everything. Canadia’s Canada’s AUX TV station said they created the app after the recent controversy about whether Chris Brown’s new tattoo was a badly-drawn sugar skull or Rihanna’s bloodied face reached peak “idiocy saturation.” After you download Brownout, Chris’ face is replaced with a blue box onscreen and his name is erased from articles. Previously AUX made an extension that rids your browser from all things Nickelback called Nickelblock, just because their music blows (but we won’t tell Winona). Can y’all make this for Charlie Sheen, too, because I don’t want to devote anymore brain cells to that abusive asshole, either. [Digital Spy, Hip Hop Wired] [Photo: Splash News]