10 Color Names That Might Be Grosser Than “Oxblood”

I’m not sure if it’s God or Anna Wintour or the Pantone people who come up with the trendy color names every season, but this fall the fashion world is going crazy for “oxblood,” a deep burgundy that we can only assume  is the same hue as, well, ox blood. Beautiful color, totally gross name, right? But I guess it could be worse. Here are 10 alternative names for oxblood that I’m very glad I won’t be seeing in Vogue anytime soon…

1. Humanblood

2. Picked Scab

3. Tampon That’s Been In A Few Hours Too Long

4. Bloody Stool

5. Hematoma

6. Bleeding Gums

7. Period Panties

8. Coagulation

9. Fresh Crime Scene

10. I Guess I Shouldn’t Have Popped That

[Oxblood Dress: $147, ASOS]