Military Women Finally Get Specially Designed Body Armor

  • The first group of women in the military will soon be deployed with body armor that has been designed especially with their female shape in mind. Previously, military women had to wear the one-size-fits-all body armor designed for men’s bodies, which sometimes left awkward open spaces where bullets or shrapnel could fly in. [TIME]
  • Chik-Fil-A is “re-evaluating” giving money to anti-gay groups. [ABC News]
  • President Obama awarded the Burmese pro-democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi her 2008 Congressional Gold Medal, the country’s highest honor. Suu Kyi was issued the award five years ago, but has lived much of her life under government-imposed house arrest. [Guardian UK]  
  • What it’s like to be a woman of color in the lingerie industry. [Racialicious]
  • Why do female entrepreneurs make less than their male counterparts? [Forbes]
  • Check out this documentary on Mexican-American horsewomen. [Guanabee]
  • What should you do if your child reports sexual harassment at school? [Oregon Live]
  • “The Voice” contestant and out lesbian De’Borah Garner on anti-gay attitudes in the gospel music scene. [After Ellen]
  • Some people say Elizabeth Hurley’s bikini line for little girls is inappropriate. [YourTango]
  • Parents, a sheik and a nurse were charged in Sydney, Australia, for performing female genital mutilation on two girls, ages six and seven. [Sydney Morning Herald]
  • Ukraine’s feminist organization FEMEN held a topless protest in Paris. Something tells me that Dominique Strauss Kahn was inspired to become a feminist activist that day. [France 24]
  • Female Canadian Mounties do not feel the complaints process for sexual harassment within their ranks is properly handled and therefore they are reluctant to come forward, according to a new report. [The Tyee]
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