Lady Gaga Smokes A Joint Onstage In Amsterdam

  • Lady Gaga smoked a joint on stage at her Amsterdam show, where pot is legal, because of course she did. She also wore really unfortunate-looking fishnet stockings while doing so, prompting a debate between Amelia and I about whether fishnets can ever be cute. I say hell no, she says sometimes. Feel free to weigh in!  [Celebrity Cafe]

  • Jesse Tyler Ferguson from “Modern Family” is engaged!  My favorite redhead on TV [Really? More than Christina Hendricks? Traitor! – Editor] proposed to his boyfriend of two years, Justin Mikita. Mazel tov! [iVillage]
  • The topless Kate Middleton photos will be published in Sweden tomorrow in a 16-page supplement to the magazine See And Hear. Eeeeeek. [Guardian UK]
  • Melissa John Hart from “Clarissa Explains It All” gave birth to her third baby, which makes me feel old.  [Stupid Celebrities]
  • You’re totally going to want to watch this exclusive preview of the documentary “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel,” about the iconic style maven. []
  • Proof that Ann Romney night actually be Ann Veal from “Arrested Development.” [HyperVocal]
  • Bobbi Kristina Brown’s adopted brother/boyfriend Nick Gordon continued his trail of good decisions by tweeting a picture of himself behind the wheel of a car with a gun. [Best Week Ever]
  • How to get a grip on emotional eating. But what if my feelings taste good? [A New Mode]
  • Check out some of the looks from Cosmopolitan magazine’s new lingerie and accessories line at JC Penney. It’s a little too much snakeskin for my taste. [Racked]
  • How is one college trying to tackle campus hazing? [New York Times]
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[Photo: Splash News]