Chris O’Dowd Stars In Bizarre, Objectifying Topless Trampoline Breast Cancer Awareness PSA

This breast cancer PSA raises awareness the same way that naked models for PETA raise awareness about veganism — which is to say, not at all, really.  It’s a shame that “Bridemaids”‘s Chris O’Dowd lent his talents to this spoof Coppafeel PSA for male breast cancer awareness because it’s really stupid.

He plays a health & safety officer for the Topless Female World Trampolining championships. What does that have to do with men checking themselves for irregularities on their breast tissue? Nothing, but it is a convenient vehicle for the camera to linger on the young women’s butts and watch them bounce (topless but obscured) on trampolines. Seriously, there is a lot of camera-lingering in this. The topless trampolining joke is funny for about two seconds and then the PSA is just gratuitously objectifying women’s bodies in the name of “raising awareness.”

What a bummer, Chris O’Dowd. Usually I like you bucketloads, but this PSA is the pits not the tits. [Crushable]

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