Astrology 101: 5 Ways Astrology Can Improve Your Relationship

Ah, love: it’s a beautiful and complicated and wonderful and crazy thing. We could all use a lil’ help making our relationships the best they can be, and astrology can be a great tool to improve our selves and our connections with those around us. Learning more about the astrological signs of you and your partner can shed light on your most basic needs, help you figure out where you need to compromise, and even make the most of your time in the bedroom. Ready to find out how? Read on…

1. Astrology can help you better understand you and your partner’s needs.

One of the most important elements in a successful relationship is having a good understanding of each person’s needs. Some people need a lot of alone time, others need vast amounts of communication, and some of us really just need to snuggle. Some thrive on attention and praise, while others crave constant intimacy. The more you learn about astrology, the better you’ll come to understand the unique needs of each sign. Geminis, for example, generally have a deep need to be involved in verbal communication, and a Leo relationship won’t feel complete without the proper amount of attention and adoration. You can use this astrological information to help you communicate your needs and to meet the needs of your partner.

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2. Astrology can teach you how to fight better.

Listen, nobody wants to fight, but conflict in an inevitable part of every relationship. One of the best ways to help your relationship thrive is to learn how to fight respectfully and fairly. And guess what? Astrology can help you improve your fighting style! Take a Scorpio/Aries relationship, for example. It will be valuable to know that a Scorpio will never be able to let a conflict go without delving into the depths of the problem, getting to the root of it, and thoroughly working out every detail (even if it takes seven hours). An Aries, on the other hand, will feel very intensely about an issue in the moment but will likely be ready to let it go and move on much sooner. By learning about and understanding each other’s differences, you can come to a compromise and learn to resolve conflicts in a mutually satisfying way.

3. Astrology can help you create a more satisfying sex life.

Here’s the deal: sex is a really important part of any romantic relationship, and astrology can help you have the best sex ever. Each sign has unique likes and dislikes, needs, styles, and desires. By reading up on your partner’s sign, you can better understand what turns them on, what their erogenous zones are, how often they want to have sex, and even how they want to have sex. A Taurean’s sensual nature means they go crazy for romantic massages and a focus on foreplay. Cancers tend to place a lot of value on emotional connection and love to express this through eye contact and close intimate embracing during sex. Use astrology as a jumping off point to discuss your desires, try new techniques, and overall improve your sex life.

4. Astrology can help you understand your differences and find new similarities.

People are complex. Relationships are complex. In every partnership there are going to be areas of compatibility–the things you have in common that make your connection easy and harmonious. There are also going to be those things that are maybe not so compatible and make you different. These differences are great because this is where you can learn from each other and grow. Astrology can help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of yourself and shine a light on pieces of your personality that you might not have been aware of. This deeper understanding of yourself will in turn help you to create a deeper connection in your relationship. If both people bring this understanding of self to the relationship, magic happens. Take a self-aware Pisces/Libra couple. The Pisces would go into the relationship knowing that they are deep, sensitive, and emotionally driven. The Libra would know that they are social, easy-going, and intellectually driven. Despite these differences, this couple can also come to realize that they both have a sensitive nature, crave harmony, and share a sense of romantic idealism. Even though these signs aren’t generally said to be compatible, it sounds like a great match to us!


5. Astrology can help you accept yourself and your partner.

As much as we all strive for self-improvement, there are those parts of who we are that just are. Astrology is one of the most useful tools to learn about and ultimately accept these traits. You can learn to love your Virgo’s cautious nature, accept that your Gemini will constantly be changing, and know that your Sagittarian will always need to feel a certain level of independence. Even things that appear to be personality “flaws” are actually just pieces of a bigger personality puzzle that makes each of us beautiful and unique. Accepting and loving your significant other exactly the way they are is one of the most powerful and healing things you can do for your relationship.