Doctors Complete First-Ever Mother-Daughter Uterus Transplant

  • Doctors in Sweden have done the first mother-daughter uterus transplant, which can be useful if the daughter is experiencing fertility problems. Trippy! [NBC News]
  • Mitt Romney’s campaign debuted a new ad targeted towards women called “Dear Daughter.” [Feministing]
  • A historian at Harvard Divinity School has announced there is a piece of papyrus that refers to Jesus’ “wife.” [New York Times]
  • Did you hear Adele might design a line for Burberry? Here’s more on how fashion is expanding to accommodate plus-size women’s bodies. [Businessweek]
  • Of course the Women For Todd Akin campaign features a rape survivor. [Huffington Post]
  • Why do women still lag in journalism? [CNN]
  • Blogger Alyssa Rosenberg on “The Mob Doctor” episode about abortion and parental consent laws. [Think Progress]
  • Men and women feel empathy for fictional characters for different reasons, according to a study. [Pacific Standard]


  • A Canadian politician has proposed a bill that would call for a study on when a fetus becomes a human being. []
  • Here’s how doctors in Botswana are preventing cervical cancer with a vinegar swab. [NPR]
  • Seventy percent of women who are jailed in Afghanistan have been accused of trying to run away from home, often to escape physical or sexual abuse. [RAWA]
  • Sheffield University in the UK is under fire for allowing students to hold a “pimps and hoes”-themed party. [Postcode Gazette]
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