Bad News: “The Hills” Was Fake, Everyone

  • Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt say everything on “The Hills” was fake and that they really played up their roles as the villains. Really? We had no idea, guys. [Us Weekly]
  • Hanson covering Taylor Swift is like my bad musical tastes from 1998 colliding with my bad musical tastes from 2009. But still I say squeeeee! [The FW]
  • Can an open relationship be a cure for — not a cause of — jealousy? [Em & Lo]

  • Catelynn from “Teen Mom” (the one who gave her baby up for adoption) was photographed holding a bong. Whoopsies! [Stupid Celebrities]
  • Tori Spelling has been hospitalized for complications following her fourth childbirth. Get well soon, Tori! [People]
  • The placement of eyebrows on the face is an actual thing that people have been studying. [The Gloss]
  • The “Malcom In The Middle” cast reunited and whoa, that little one got tall. Guess that happens when children age and whatnot. [ONTD]
  • 50 easy recipes to pack a lunch for work (or school!). [iVillage]
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