An Open Letter To “The Voice”

Dear “The Voice,”

I heard the news that you will be replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green with Shakira and Usher next season. I hate this idea. Not because I love Xtina and Cee Lo so much that I can’t stand to lose them, but because you seem to be getting a touch of “American Idol” syndrome.

That’s not a real syndrome, I just made it up. It’s when a reality competition show gets really successful, really quickly, and instead of sticking with what made it really successful, really quickly in the first place, it gets all full of itself and tries to change everything, therefore ruining itself. That was a really long sentence. What I’m trying to say to you is: don’t ruin yourself, “The Voice.”

You have a good thing going on. Your vibe is that you don’t try too hard and you let people’s talent speak for itself. As I’ve been watching the blind auditions this season, I’ve been detecting hints of you trying to change yourself to become more mainstream. Granted these hints are more subtle than Christina’s spray tan (her armpits look like they belong to another human being!), but I still notice them.

You are doing that thing where you try to get the audience to root for the contestants by telling their heart-wrenching or motivational life stories. Ugh. Please, stop that. It annoys me so much. There are people who have overcome adversity that are incredibly talented and people who have had relatively smooth-sailing lives who are also incredibly talented. I kind of don’t care. I just want to hear the damn people sing. This was one of the main reasons I stopped watching “American Idol” — the show became more about everyone’s “story” than their talent and I couldn’t deal.

I also noticed that you changed the rules of the game. Maybe I misunderstood, but you are changing the teams from 10 to 16 members and giving the judges chances to steal each other’s contestants? STUPID.

It’s not a game show. We just want to watch up and coming artists knock our pants off with their talent. That’s it. No bells and whistles. No human interest stories. No replacement judges.

I urge you, “The Voice,” if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Still watching for now (but that could change),

Ami Angelowicz