This Is What Happens If You Get Your Hair Caught In A Drill Press

Warning: If you weren’t already terrified of hair accidents (I was already, thank you very much — I watched a girl’s hair catch on fire from her birthday candles once and it scarred me for life), you will be.

Seventeen-year-old Florida high school student Kayla Carrera’s hair was ripped from her scalp when it got caught in a drill press machine in shop class last week, leaving the girl bald and bruised the week before her senior homecoming. Her mother, who is a teacher for the school district, feels that the faculty “let her down.” Meaning, they screwed up royally. First, it was against school policy for Kayla to be operating the machine without her hair pulled back, but her shop teacher didn’t seem to notice or didn’t enforce the safety procedures. Then, immediately following the incident, the school nurse determined that Kayla didn’t need immediate medical attention and decided against calling 911. To add insult to injury, the school neglected to inform Kayla’s mother of the accident. Although the school district has apologized profusely for the accident, they have launched an investigation of the shop teacher.

Is it just me, or do you smell an impending lawsuit? [NY Daily News]