Photoshop Disaster: Have You Seen My Labia?

Yesterday morning, I woke up and before getting out of bed, I checked my email on my iPhone and opened up one of the 10 million sale alerts I get from various brands. This one was for Aerie, a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters that I love for their affordable bras and undies. The deal was for one of their style of bras, but I was far more interested in the panties the model was wearing, because they were sheer enough in the crotch to reveal a whole lot of vagina. Whoa, visible vagina in my inbox, I thought. Or there should have been. I pinched and zoomed in. What the hell has happened to her vag?

All evidence of this model’s labia had been airbrushed away. Seriously, this model’s crotch, which I was only interested in because she was clad in very sheer undies, now resembled what Barbie has between her legs, if Barbie was a real. I suppose airbrushing the vajayjay into opaque nothingness is similar to nixing visible nipple from a model wearing a sheer bra — it seemingly desexualizes the image. But I think it’s creepy! It’s not that I’m, like, dying to see loads visible vagina in lingerie ads, but I’m also not down with weird Barbie vag either.