Cosmo Solves Your Vacuum Cleaner Masturbation Problems

Let’s get right to the point. This is the lede of an article in Cosmopolitan’s October 2012 issue: “Julie, 29, has amazing orgasms. The catch? They’re with her vacuum cleaner.”

Julie*, whose name has been changed of course, continues:

One time, I was straddling it and noticed it felt good. The intense vibrations against my clitoris sent me over the edge and it’s become the only way I can get off.

Laugh if you must (and I think I must) but it’s actually a useful article about women who get “hooked on” orgasms from different sensations like “strong vibrations,” “grinding” and “running water.” Cosmo’s tips teach you how to replicate those with another person — as in, put the Dyson away and buy yourself a vibrator, or buy lubricant instead of doing nasty things with that shower head.

Maybe some lady somewhere who has never heard of the Rabbit will benefit from this? I want to hear more about women who jerk off to household appliances, though.

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