It’s Time To Cry: Teen Girl Murdered Before She Could Testify Against Her Rapist

More than half of all sexual assaults are never reported to the police and 97 percent of rapists will never spend a day in jail. These statistics from the Rape Abuse & Incest National Network are horrifying — but they also remind us how incredible 16-year-old Shania Gray of Texas was. The high school junior reported her alleged statutory rape to police and was scheduled to go to trial next month to try and put her alleged rapist, Franklin B. Davis behind bars.

Tragically, Shania was murdered by Davis before she ever had a chance to testify against him.

The Mesquite, Texas, teen used to babysit for Davis’ children and was allegedly raped by him when she was 14. After arousing the suspicion of her family when she refused to babysit for him several times, she confessed to her grandma that Davis had raped her. Davis was charged with four counts of sexual assault of a child and was going to trial next month.

Sometime recently, Davis created a fake Facebook account and reached out to the teen, pretending to be a boy who had a crush on her. He also called her from a pre-paid cell phone and said he’d come by her high school to see her. Last Thursday, Shania agreed to meet up with the boy, but was surprised  when it was really Davis who showed up at her school. Davis told her he wanted to discuss the sexual assault case and she got in the car with him; then he took her to the Trinity River, shot her twice and stepped on her neck until she stopped breathing. Her body was found two days later.

How terribly tragic that this beautiful, brave young woman died before she could put her alleged rapist behind bars. The only consolation is that this piece of shit — who blames “demons” for the killing — is now charged with capital murder now, too. But her bravery in coming forward about Davis’ crime should not be forgotten.

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