Woman Suing Her Personal Trainer For Ejaculating On Her Feet

I’ll bet you’ve never heard of a happy ending like this before. A Kansas woman is suing her personal trainer for allegedly ejaculating on her feet after a training session at the gym. Groaaaaannnn.

After completing her workout at her Gold’s Gym in Merriam, Kansas, Ashley Clevenger claims her trainer Darrell Davis took her back to a room “equipped and designated for massages.” While she was on her stomach getting her legs and feet massaged, Clevenger claims she felt “something strange on her feet that did not feel like hands.” She turned around and saw Davis “rubbing his exposed penis on her feet” and “ejaculat[ing] on [her] feet.” Clevenger is suing for psychological and emotional damages. 

Well, I’m speechless. That’s absolutely disgusting. The poor girl will probably be too scarred to ever work out again. I guess the good thing about gyms in New York City is that they don’t have enough space to have back rooms “equipped and designated for massages.” People just have to get stretched and massaged by their trainers right out there in the open. But even watching that makes me a bit uncomfie. I’ve never understood why you need a trainer to stretch your hamstrings or massage you after a work out. I don’t particularly feel like having anyone touch me when I’m all sweaty. But ejaculating on my feet after I’ve just worked out? No. I can’t even. [Huffngton Post]