Style 911: Help Me Find The Wedding Dress Of My Dreams!

I’m getting married soon and I found the perfect dress on someone’s Pinterest board. The only problem? I don’t know who made it, and I’m not sure I could afford it. I’d like to only spend a few hundred dollars on my dress. I just really love the knot detailing on the bodice. Got any recommendations?

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is, we found your dream dress! It’s by Norwegian designer Cecelie Melli. The bad news? It costs more than $3,300. But! We were able to find a few more affordable versions that cost a fraction of that price. We concentrated on finding that knot detailing you liked. And one major tip if you’re on a budget: When you’re shopping for wedding gowns, don’t look for “wedding gowns” — search for “white gowns.” Just thinking about the term wedding tacks a few hundred dollars on the price of a dress.

1. Tibi Pleated Silk Chiffon Gown, $330

2. Aidan Mattox Asymmetric Textured Gown, $115

3. Decode 1.8 Embellished Strapless Gown, $239

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