I Want To Go To There: The Adopt-A-Guy Boutique In Paris

Um. I heard Paris and eligible bachelors. I don’t really need to hear anything further. But I’m still listening. The Adopt-A-Guy Boutique is a “high-end shopping experience for women searching for Mr. Right” located on Rue de La Bonheur (Street of Happiness) in Paris. How very fitting.

Single, French men in Barbie doll boxes, dressed in quirky costumes, complete with character-appropriate accessories pose in the window. Women can take pictures with them, get to know them better and perhaps even pick a dude to put in her shopping cart, so to speak.

Now, before you scream OBJECTIFICATION, please note that the men choose their costumes and characters and purportedly have a “sense of humor about themselves.” And how sexy is a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously? Very sexy, especially if he’s French.

This is way, way better than online dating. Actually, everything about the Adopt-A-Guy Boutique is pretty much my ideal dating scenario. Good news for me! I am going to Paris in November. So I believe I will be swinging by the boutique. At least to window shop, if not to buy. [Oddity Central]