“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” Recap: Guess Whose Breath, But Not After Eating Sketti

Ami: I am already anticipating going into a deep depression when this season of “Here Comes Honey Boo” ends. I can feel it coming. And I can’t even bare to think of it. But we still have episodes to discuss and they are still mind-blowing, heart warming and disgusting all at once. I am going to skip the heart warming stuff where Alana and Sugar Bear go on a father/daughter outing to the skating rink and Alana sells lemonade to raise money for her next pageant (collective Awwwwwww), and get into the gizzards of the episode. Prepare yourself for smell breaths and more after the jump.

“Guess Whose Breath?” is probably less fun after the Boo Boos have had sketti for dinner. Sketti is June’s specialty. This dish consists of sketti (that’s spaghetti) mixed with butter and ketchup. Redneck marinara, obviously. You may be shocked to learn that June does not really enforce table manners in her house. But maybe that’s because they eat on the couch not at the table. Anyway, I’m kind of curious about what sketti tastes like, but not enough to actually buy ketchup and butter and bastardize Italian cuisine. I’ll just take the Boo Boos’ word for it that it’s delicious.