First Look: Keira Knightley Wears A Weird Chanel Armwarmer For October’s “Vogue”

Isn’t it nice to see Keira Knightley’s pretty face adorning multiple magazine covers rather than someone like, say, Kim Kardashian? I jest, kind of, and I do know a few people who maintain that Keira is only marginally more talented than the reality star in question … but regardless, she’s definitely more likable. I’ll be honest, my affinity may have less to do with Keira’s abilities as an actress and way more to do with the fact that there was a time in my life wherein I, like, so totally wanted to be Elizabeth Swann.

No matter what your opinion of Keira, there’s no arguing that she’s been a fashion darling since way back when. She works primarily with Karl Lagerfeld, which seems only natural considering she’s the one and only face of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. The Kaiser has dressed Keira once again for October’s issue of Vogue, the cover of which shows her wearing no ordinary Chanel (god forbid it’s ready-to-wear!) but rather a full look from the fall 2012 couture collection. The Internet says this cover is lame, and I have to agree if only for the way she’s posed and the lackluster pink and blue colorway. I don’t dare question Karl, but seriously, what is that piece of metallic armwear? [Fashionista]