BuzzFeed Tries To Ignite Controversy Over Photo Of Jessica Simpson’s Infant Daughter In A Bikini

Look, I probably wouldn’t put my hypothetical infant daughter in a bikini. But I don’t think we need to slut-shame … er, baby-shame? — Jessica Simpson for dressing her infant daughter Maxwell in a yellow crochet bikini. Simpson shared the pic when she appeared on “Katie” on Monday and BuzzFeed posted a screengrab of the pic with a post simply entitled “Why is Jessica Simpson’s baby in a bikini?” I don’t know … because it was just summer?

It’s unclear if blogger Whitney Jefferson meant her headline to read as “Is that baby in a bikini because she’s off to Bora Bora?” or “Ugh, why is Jessica Simpson so trashy that she put her infant in a bikini?” but regardless of the blogger’s intentions, a bunch of BuzzFeed readers have voted the baby pic “trashy” enough to put a big ‘ol “trashy” button above Maxwell’s face. It is perfectly acceptable to have thoughtful, nuanced conversations about the sexualization of young girls (cough “Toddlers & Tiaras” cough).  But I don’t see how this helps.


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