Sears Suffers A Nip Slip

Oopsie! Sears accidentally posted a photo with a fully exposed nipple on their website. According to Gawker, the racy image for the Morris Babydoll Mesh & Lace lingerie set was taken, nipple and all, directly from the original seller, Fright Depot, a Halloween website.

Somehow, the rogue nipple managed to slip right past the people at Sears who take care of these kinds of things. Sears still has the thumbnail version of the NSFW photo on their site, but if you click to take a closer look at the at the lingerie set (or the nipple), you’ll be directed to an error page. I know what you’re wondering: can I still receive my extra 10 percent off the $25.25 sticker price? Yes, you can. The other thing you may be wondering: why is Sears selling lingerie from a Halloween website? That, I can’t answer. You can check out the NSFW version after the jump. [Reddit]