I’m Sorry, What? What’s Going On With Men And Photoshop?

It’s not big news that ads are photoshopped. But every once in a while I see something that’s so completely ridiculous that I have to wonder if the people involved are for real. You have to understand, from far away, I had no idea who the hell those guys were supposed to be, and it’s a giant billboard — it’s the size of the building. I honestly thought that Michael Chiklis on the right was a Pixar creation.

No, this is in no way the worst case of photoshopping ever. I’m not saying that. You might even be thinking, This isn’t a big deal, I wouldn’t have looked twice. But isn’t that the problem? Why aren’t we looking twice? Why aren’t we surprised by these photoshopped images any more? Why are we accepting this?  And I’ve noticed that lately, men seem to finally be getting the same crazy photoshop treatment that women get, though I don’t see this as a victory. All it does is perpetuate this stupid cycle of raising standards by depicting all celebrities so flawless, they look computer generated. (Or worse, when the images become so manipulated, they look like other people. I thought that Kim Cattral on the “Sex and the City 2″ poster was Katherine Heigl.)

This Alec Baldwin Vanity Fair cover especially cracked me up:

Vanity Fair, are you serious? Ignoring the giant “ALEC” I had no idea who that was supposed to be. He looks more like his younger brother Stephen. But I figured there is no godly reason why Stephen Baldwin would be on the cover of Vanity Fair. It was smart of them though to leave some wrinkles on his forehead, unlike Howard Stern here, with the most hilarious, laziest photoshop job I’ve ever seen:
What’s it going to take here for this insanity to end? There’s sometimes a fad of having major celebrities pose without makeup, like when Cate Blanchett was on the cover of Intelligent Life barefaced, Monica Belluci was on the cover of French Elle, and Zooey Deschanel participated in a feature in People. But why can’t this be the norm? If one major actress, like Angelina Jolie, flat out refused to submit to photoshopping, would others follow? Or has it gotten to be too big to be stopped?