Chris Brown Defends Tattoo As Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull, Not Rihanna’s Bloodied Face

Yesterday, the universe said in unison, again, “What the fuck are you doing Chris Brown?” This time it was because Breezy debuted a new neck tattoo of a face with what appeared to be a bruised/black eye and stitches across the lips. Ignoring the fact it’s an ugly tat, it looks a hell of a lot like his ex-girlfriend Rihanna … whom he gave a black eye and stitches across the lips. Could Chris Brown really be so fucked up as to tattoo Rihanna’s beaten and bloody face on his neck?! He is Captain Poor Decisions, but would he make that poor of a decision?

Rest assured, his rep told E! News that the tattoo is “a sugar skull (associated with the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics sign he saw.” His tattoo artist agreed the tat is “a sugar skull based on the MAC cosmetic sign Chris brought to me.” Brown himself tweeted yesterday “I’m an artist and this is art. Dia de los Muertos.” Glad we cleared that up. But still, it’s prooooobably not such a good tattoo if you see a sugar skull and everyone else sees the ex-girlfriend you beat up.  [E! Online]

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