Chris Brown Got A Neck Tattoo That Kinda Looks Like A Bruised And Battered Woman

Hey guys, Chris Brown got a new tattoo! And it’s ugly! And, oh yeah, it appears to be of a woman’s face, complete with a cut and stitched lip, blackened eye, and what look like bruises. Naturally, many are pointing out a resemblance to Rihanna, the ex-girlfriend he famously gave a cut lip, blackened eye, and bruised face, because why wouldn’t they? I don’t actually see much of a resemblance to Rihanna, aside from those identifying marks, but I realllllly have got to wonder what Chris Brown was thinking with this particular ink. Brown, by the way, says the new tattoo is actually supposed to be a “random woman,” not Rihanna, but does not explain why this “random woman” appears to have injuries or marks that look like the injuries he gave to his ex. The most positive spin I can conceive of is that he got this tattoo as a badge of dishonor, a permanent reminder of the damage he caused to a woman. Maybe it’s even a wack attempt of winning Rihanna back. Or maybe I’m over-thinking it and he’s just an idiotic dick and this tattoo has no intentional link to Rihanna. (I actually sort of think it has a Day of the Dead-vibe, but why wouldn’t he just say that if that was his intention?) Discuss! [NY Daily News] [Photo: WENN]