“Bachelor Pad” Recap: A Very Disturbing Denouement

This season of “Bachelor Pad” atoned for all of its boringness in the finale. Let’s start off light, before I delve into the dark and dirty underbelly where people betray one another and we ponder the ways in which money corrupts human beings. Let’s start with Jamie’s ridiculous Pocahontas outfit. It’s as if she thought we would forget what a lunatic she was on the show by dressing like an even bigger lunatic for the finale. It didn’t work. I had almost forgotten. But her outfit brought all the cringeworthy memories back — the awkward makeout session with Chris, how she wanted to fall in love on TV so her kids could see it. Ugh. And just like the false eyelashes and face jewelry she wore, her Padmates called her out for being “fake.” But one couple found something real. Find out which couple, to quote Rihanna, “found love in a hopeless place,” after the jump.

The way this whole thing ended was, in my opinion, beyond disturbing. It was entertaining as far as finales go, but not in a way I enjoyed. More in a way where I was left grappling with my faith in humanity. The final couple standing was Rachel and Nick because everyone hates Chris. Rachel chose to share the $250,000 and Nick chose to keep the money, which meant Nick walked away with everything and Rachel without a penny. WHAT A FUCKING SOCIOPATH! Look, I understand this is a game. But Nick’s behavior, his weird, bitter speech, his dead eyes, his lack of compassion for Rachel, his relishing in revenge on his cast mates, was utterly “American Psycho.” Rachel tried to confront him again backstage, but he refused to talk to her. Off Nick went in his limo with his duffle bag full of money, or gym clothes, or both. Where was he going? And so concludes another wild and weird season of “Bachelor Pad.” I really hope Rachel’s OK.