10 Ways Guys Have Ruined Our Concert Experiences

I was telling Ami about an awkward concert experience I had with a guy friend recently, and she was like, “You know, I’ve had so many awful concert mishaps, and most of them involve a guy.” Turns out everyone on the Frisky staff has had at least one concert ruined by a dude, and the stories are way too good not to share. After the jump, check out the funny, awkward, and downright horrible ways guys have ruined concerts for us, and please feel free to share your own in the comments!

“Every SINGLE show I go to is populated by dudes who are like, 6’2″ and taller, who all feel the need to crowd around the front of the stage. I am five feet tall, and this makes it impossible to see.” — Julie

“My freshman year of high school I became obsessed with Bjork. When my first boyfriend told me he was taking me to the U2/Sugarcubes concert, my obsession deepened. I started wearing weird, little dresses anddoing my hair in those bun things and listening to the Sugarcubes ‘Life’s Too Good’ on cassette non-stop in preparation. I mean, I liked U2 as well, and ‘Achtung Baby’ had just come out, so that was a bonus. The night of the concert, I got all dressed in my best Bjork look-a-like outfit. An hour before the concert, my boyfriend called to tell me that his stepdad laughed at him when he told him he was taking me to the concert. “That’s my ticket,” his stepdad said simply. With that, I was stuck home, alone on a Saturday night making fimo beads. Remember those? I listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magic’ and felt sorry for myself.” — Ami

“MY DAD ruined my first-ever concert, which was (of course) Matchbox 20.  He drove me and my sister and my best friend and he made us leave before the concert was over so we didn’t get stuck in traffic leaving.  I was SOOOO ANGRY.” — Jessica

“As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Kyle is my Celine Dion mentor and concert partner for life. We go to, like, 5 Celine concerts a year and we always have a great time, except for once when he made me buy him a $15 strawberry daiquiri from the bar, then, upon realizing it was basically just slightly chilled red corn syrup, refused to drink it and placed it under his seat. When we started rocking out to ‘River Deep Mountain High,’ the precariously placed daiquiri was kicked over and made a quick journey down the slightly sloped mezzanine directly into the purse of a woman sitting two rows in front of us. We spent the rest of the concert arguing over whose foot had done the deed, trying in vain to get the woman’s attention, and dying of daiquiri guilt.” — Winona

“When I was 14 I went to see Velocity Girl and Tsunami play at the Trocadero in Philly with my boyfriend Aaron Platt. I lost him in the crowd at one point, and when I found him, he was tongue deep in another girl’s mouth. I asked him what was going on and he said “we were saying hi to each other.” A few months later he dumped me because his youth group pastor told him Christians and Jews could be friends but they couldn’t date.” — Julie

“My ex-boyfriend decided to pick a fight with me at the Julian Casablancas show, which majorly sucked.” — Amelia

“I was in love with a guy named Rob for most high school. He looked like Jordan Catalano and was a painter. He liked me too for a minute sophomore year. Only problem, he had an on-again, off-again girlfriend who went to another school whose name also happened to be Amy. He asked me if I was going to the Dead Milkmen/Violent Femmes concert and yes, I was. I thought this meant we were going to hang out at the concert together. Like a DATE! My heart dropped when I spotted him at the concert with the other Amy. He introduced me to her. And of course, she gave me the serious stank eye. I was so upset, I went up into the nosebleed section while opener Big Country played. I curled into a ball on the concrete floor and cried because Rob and Amy were back together and he would never love me. While I lay there wailing, someone spilled a soft drink on my new white, lace baby doll dress that I had purchased for my ‘date.’ This made me cry even harder. But I rallied, because I had to see the Dead Milkmen and the Violent Femmes, so I pulled myself together and made it out on the floor, Diet Coke stains, tear stains and all. That was when my ride home sprained her ankle. And we had to leave immediately. Before the Violent Femmes even played.” — Ami

“I once went to a GO Team show and a crew of 16-year-old boys started a pit. This was not the Circle Jerks, people.” — Julie

“More than any other album, A Perfect Circle’s ‘Thirteenth Step’ has helped me deal with some really rough times in my life, so when APC announced a show in which they would play the whole album, start to finish, of course I had to go. I started crying from the first note, and it easily could have been the most emotional, transcendent concert experience of my life if it weren’t for a douchebag sitting next to me who really, really wanted to share his bag of Skittles with me. Whenever one of my favorite songs would begin, I would clutch my heart, breathe deeply, prepare for a major emotional release…and feel a tap-tap-tap on my shoulder. “Hey, uuuhhh…do you want a Skittle?” the strange man would say. “No,” I said firmly, trying to focus. “Are you sure?” he’d ask, “I have all the colors.” “Yes, I’m sure,” I said. “Please stop asking.” But he never stopped asking. And that damn Skittles bag never stopped rustling. And I was too damn nice to punch him in the face.” — Winona

“I had broken up with my live-in boyfriend of three years to date another guy I thought I was in love with. Months before the breakup, my now ex-boyfriend, who was a professional musician, got me free passes to Coachella, where his band was playing. He had been on tour for three months, so I hadn’t seen him since our breakup. We were still technically living together, even though he wasn’t in our apartment. It’s a long story. Anyways, I decided to go with the new boyfriend to Coachella. It was 128 degrees and I was dehydrated and having an allergy attack. I needed Kleenex and water, both of which are scarce in the middle of the dessert. The new boyfriend was being a complete jerk and was only concerned with finding his friends. We fought the entire time, until the sun went down for The Pixies/ Radiohead set. I had been waiting to see The Pixies for a decade or so since they broke up. But I only heard a tiny portion of their set because I was in the the port-a-potties the whole time looking for tissues for my allergy attack. I had stopped sneezing by the time Radiohead took the stage. But started to cry hysterically when they played ‘Karma Police.’ When Thom Yorke sang “For a minute there I lost myself.” It became really clear to me that I had made a mistake about this new guy and that I had totally lost myself. While I knew I needed to break up with my ex-boyfriend (for various reasons I won’t get into now), I knew I was a piece of shit for the way I broke up with him and new that I needed to go find him right away (in the middle of the Radiohead set) and give him my most heartfelt apology. Which I did. I cried the rest of the night until I passed out in the hot tub at our hotel. Literally. The new boyfriend had to fish me out of the pool.” — Ami