Swedes Try, Fail To Make Wine In A Box Classy With Booze Purse

It is a truth universally acknowledged that wine in a box can never be classy. Ever. But the Swedes, bless their hearts, made a damn good attempt with their wine-in-a-box purse. Allow me to explain: Vernissage Wines created a boxed wine which is shaped like a handbag, including a strap for easy carrying. If you’re tromping down the street on the way to one of their “Real Housewives”‘ houses, no one can tell on the street that you’re actually carrying cheapo Chardonnay. According to the NPR, unique packaging for wine is a trend all across Europe and Vernissage teamed up with the handbag designer Sofia Bloomberg to create their wine bag in 2010.  The booze purse is headed to the United States in the new few weeks and you had best believe that The Frisky staff will be testing the hell of that new product. (At $20 for 1.5 liters and $40 for 3 liters, we’d have to be drunk not to.) Part of me wants to shake my fist in the air that companies are appealing to women by packaging alcohol in a cutesy purse, but honestly if it makes wine easier to carry, I say it’s a net gain. [NPR]