First Look: The First Issue Of Carine Roitfeld’s New Magazine Goes Public

It took hardly any time at all for Carine Roitfeld to find her footing outside of the Condé Nast empire. The fashion writer and stylist departed suddenly from Vogue Paris in 2010 following a ten-year tenure as editor-in-chief, citing a desire to concentrate on personal projects outside of the notorious magazine’s “gilded bird cage” (though rumors of internal discord abounded). In the two years since her resignation, Carine has stayed true to her vow that leaving the lofty post would not be the death knell of her career; in fact, with numerous freelance styling credits (including two Chanel campaigns), a large-format photo book, and a MAC collection to her name, the iconic Parisian has risen quite impressively from the ashes of her former title.

Come September 13, Carine’s most visionary brainchild will come to light for the first time: CR Fashion Book, her very own eponymous publication, will debut on newsstands everywhere. Of the two covers that will be released, one is a greyscale photo of Kate Upton looking très Marilyn as she clutches baby chicks, the other an image of a laughing young girl holding an infant. It’s almost antithetic to the controversial, borderline pornographic styling that made her infamous at Vogue — but that’s the point. “I am very anxious whether people are going to like it. No one will imagine me having a cover like this, but I want to be very positive about fashion,” said Roitfeld. “This is the message now.”

Within its thick, glossy pages (this is no ordinary flimsy magazine, and at $15 it isn’t priced as one, either), it becomes evident that, despite reports of enough animosity between Roitfeld and her former Condé employers to ensure that many of her former colleagues would be forbidden to work on her new venture, there’s no publishing giant in the world that can extract Carine from her all-powerful posse. With contributors like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Bruce Weber, Amanda Harlech, and Michael Avedon, grandson of Richard, CR Fashion Book is set to attract fashion diehards everywhere, whether or not they are familiar with the Roitfeld name. She said of the magazine, “in a way, [it] was my rebirth, too.”

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