Pole Dancing For Kids?

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Is This Wrong?

A Canadian dance studio has announced that they will offer pole dancing classes for children as young as five. You heard that correctly. Pole dancing FOR KIDS. While this may sound totally inappropriate, Kristy Craig of Duncan’s Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio on Vancouver Island insists that there’s nothing untoward about it. “There is nothing provocative. There is nothing sexual about it … It’s pure fitness and strength and fun. I mean kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything.”

Indeed, they will climb anything, but do you want your kids climbing a pole? That is the question. According to Kristy, who has never “worked the pole” professionally, claims that she already has four children signed up for her Little Spinners pole dancing class, and one of them is a boy.

It’s worth noting that pole dancing is beginning to be recognized as a sport worldwide. Children as young as seven were cleared to compete in the upcoming National Pole Dancing Championships in Russia.

Thoughts? Kiddie pole dancing: a great workout or totally inappropriate? [UPI]

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