Some Important Updates On Ryan Lochte’s Television Career

In my mind, I am Ryan Lochte’s manager. Please, humor me. And no, I have no comments on his alleged penis pics at this time. Let’s stick to Ryan’s career. Even though I’m not getting 20 percent, I’ve taken a very keen interest in Ryan’s career path. I do it for the love of the craft. I made some suggestions for Ryan, role-wise, after his appearance on “90210”, but he chose to ignore me. That’s fine. What matters most is that I want to support Ryan in going after whatever makes him happy. Even if that means appearing on a bad reality show. I am pleased to announce that Ryan has booked some choice television gigs this week.

You’ll be happy to know that this morning he reported to the “30 Rock” set where he was put on camera (said like Jenna) for a cameo. Then, he was off to E!, where he has accepted a position as a correspondent for New York Fashion Week. I know, I was surprised too! Finally, our favorite talented Olympian finished off his day at “Live With Kelly.” Jeah! Just … jeah.

Although he’s not technically trained as a reporter or an actor, he’s ready to get on set and wing it. When asked about his prep for his Fashion Week correspondent gig he said:

“I’m sure I’m going to talk with them tomorrow when I meet with them and everything, and they’ll give me who I’m interviewing and what I’m going to say and stuff like that, so they’ll help me out a lot. I’m gonna be the one interviewing people, which is going to be totally weird. It’s going to be a different role, so I’m definitely gonna — it’s gonna be totally different. Usually I’m the one answering questions, not giving ‘em out, so …”

So eloquently put, Ryan. I’m telling you … this kid is going places. []